Baggie feeders and package installation: update

In my earlier post on installing a package, I said you couldn’t use a baggie feeder while you were using my method of installation because there wasn’t enough room on top of the remaining five frames to lay the bags. What I failed to mention is that you can place a baggie feeder on top of the inner cover and the bees can come up through the opening in the inner cover and get the syrup.

So, if you want to use a baggy feeder, place the inner cover over the brood box and position the bags so they don’t block the hole. Put the spacer rim (small super) between the inner and outer cover, in order to make room for the bag of syrup. If you forget, you will squeeze all the syrup out of the bag.

If syrup remains when you return to remove the shipping cage, handle the inner cover gently so the syrup won’t spill.


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