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Mining bees are wild bees that live underground

Once you start studying the pollinators in your garden, you will see many different types. If you start recognizing some of your visitors, you will look forward to seeing those old friends and indentifying new ones. People seem to care more about the things they can put a name to, so I encourage you to […] Read more

Classification of western honey bees

Below is the scientific classification of western honey bees as it now stands: Kingdom:  Animalia Phylum:  Arthropoda Subphylum:  Uniramia Class:  Insecta Order:  Hymenoptera Suborder:  Apocrita Superfamily:  Apoidea Family:  Apidae Subfamily:  Apinae Tribe:  Apini Genus:  Apis Subgenus: Apis Species: A. mellifera Subspecies: A. m. carnica (Carniolan) Subspecies: A. m. caucasica (Caucasian) Subspecies: A. m. ligustica (Italian) Subspecies: […] Read more