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Emergence box vs hatching box: what’s the difference?

Sometimes I use the wrong word. Yesterday, when someone asked, “What’s a hatching box?” I felt sheepish. I should have written emergence box in my post on lovage. Here’s the question: I planted some lovage, and I too thought the stems would make good nesting tubes. So now I must ask, what is a hatching box? […] Read more

A Thanksgiving thought: share what you know online

I’m an anxious person. I stress over everything, especially this website. So when Rich came home with yesterday’s mail, I imagined bills, registration notices, reminders, and special offers for things I don’t recognize. But among the mundane notices sealed in window envelopes was a card-sized piece. The hand-written address immediately piqued my curiosity. I recognized […] Read more

What I don’t know about bees would fill volumes

Running a website makes you a target for verbal abuse. Many people cannot—are actually incapable of—leaving a comment or question that isn’t couched in expletives, four-letter words, and insinuations about your intellect and parentage. It comes with the online territory and you get used to it. I usually just ignore these outbursts, but recently one […] Read more