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Four elegant homemade bee hives

Rick Cheverton, a beekeeper in Knoxville, Tennessee just finished his wintertime project: four gorgeous homemade bee hives with all the accoutrements. Rick shares his thought process and explains some of the changes he made from standard designs. All text and photos below are courtesy of Rick. Winter’s work is done, and I’m just waiting for […] Read more

Freakish wind topples bee hives

Elena Campbell protected her colonies from just about everything. She installed electric bear fencing, robbing screens, insulating wraps, candy boards, ant moats, weights, and tie-downs. She thought she had everything covered until an unexpected Eastern Washington wind laid them flat. Elena explained that her day started out a crisp 20°F. Although the forecast called for […] Read more

How to keep evil spirits out of the bee yard

I had an enlightening email conversation with a 74-year-old fourth-generation Dutch beekeeper who has been in the apicultural business since he was 12. Now, that’s a lot of beekeeping! Even though he learned the craft from his father and grandfather, Evert Jan van Tongeren remains fascinated by new ideas and the latest insights into beekeeping. […] Read more