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  • I live in Marin County, Tiburon Ca. It has been a hot dry summer. My neighbor has 3 bee hives on his property and I believe (don’t know) why the honey bees have gotten very aggressive on my adjacent lot. This is a residential neighborhood. My children and grandchildren and friends can no longer enjoy my pool. At first light hundreds of bees (honey are within the moist grass) awaiting water, drinking the dew. I am very upset. As days get hotter, their honey bees inundate my back yard and it’s impossible to even go outside without 25 bees quickly surrounding me. Has the nature of the bee changed? I have no scented plants on my property for that reason only native talk grasses, lawn and a nice pool. Can they be thirsty from not enough attention for the owners of the hives? They are often away. What gives?

    • Jean,

      It is possible they don’t have enough water at home or maybe they just like your supply better. The hot and dry summer makes it worse. Have you talked to the owner of the hives? I think that would be the best place to start. Explain your concerns and maybe bring him or her over to have a look. If they see what you see, they will understand better.

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