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Imagine the lucky colony that lives here!

I just love it when people go crazy with their hive design or decoration. This Layens hive was painted by Michele Levani of Charleston, South Carolina. She explains:

I’m a professional artist and muralist. A client just hired me to paint a scene on one of his hives. This is my first time working with a bee hive.…I used a low VOC exterior paint/primer and tinted the colors myself. I then sealed it with a zero VOC acrylic polyurethane in a semi-gloss.”

Michele also said that the bee hive was one of the most enjoyable things that she has ever painted. Well, in that case, I’m sure we could dig up some more hives for her painting enjoyment!

You can see more of Michele’s art on her Facebook page, including other shots of the hive.

It will be a lucky colony indeed that lives within these muraled walls! The painting show honey bees and flowers in orange, yellow, and purple.

It will be a lucky colony indeed that lives within these muraled walls! Photo and art © Michele Levani.


  • Hmmm. Pretty. At first. I guess spring time brood chamber reversals are out for those painting connecting scenes on their multiple hive bodies. Bee poop and hive tool marks might be problematic, too. Hate to be a Davie Downer. Frankly, I would move that beauty into my dining room, hinge the boxes and make a wine cooler out of it. Would go nice with all my other bee-related art and collectibles! Very talented artist!

    • Dave,

      There are many good reasons for not reversing, and you just hit on another one. But yes, it would make a great-looking wine cooler.

  • Thank you to everyone for the kudos! I believe my client had the stand custom made, but I will definitely find out and post it ASAP.

    Dave, thank you for the compliment. I am currently working on a collection of bee themed art. There will be plenty of home items to choose from like pillows, towels, cups and T-shirts. I’m relaunching my website,, on May 4th and those items will be available. You’re welcome to check it out!

  • I just installed a swarm in this hive. I hope they love the paint job as much as I do!

    This is a Layens hive, not a Langstroth.

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