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A walkaway split and the tiniest queen

A walkaway split is made from a frame of very young brood (eggs and just-hatched larvae), a frame or two of young nurse bees, and a frame of honey and pollen. You put all these in a nuc and just walk away. If all goes well, the nurses will raise a new queen from one […] Read more

Why feed sugar syrup to honey bees?

Spring is one of the times when you may have to feed your bees sugar syrup. If you are new to beekeeping it helps to understand why, when, what, and how to feed. I will try to cover the main points. If your bees have used up their winter stores of honey, they may need […] Read more

How to use a slatted rack

The slatted rack is my all-time favorite piece of bee furniture, and I wouldn’t try to keep bees in a Langstroth-style hive without one. I insert one whenever I build a new hive and leave it there year-round. If you’re not familiar with them, a slatted rack (sometimes called a brood rack) fits just beneath […] Read more

How to use a double-screen (Snelgrove) board

What is it? A double-screen board is about 1-inch deep with an opening in the center. The center opening is covered with screens on both sides so that bees on one side of the board cannot contact bees on the other side of the board. It often comes with openings in the rim that can […] Read more

Sticky yellow bee droppings are a good thing

If you are keeping bees for the first time you may have noticed all the fecal droppings, sometimes called frass, that appear out of nowhere on your cars, porch rails, or lawn furniture. These droppings are incredibly sticky and difficult to remove, even modern car washes leave them perfectly intact. They are often round and […] Read more

Water collection by honey bees

Water has several uses in a honey bee hive. During certain times of the year foragers find a source of water, fill their crops, and ferry it home. The number of bees foraging for water depends on the needs of the colony. If the in-hive workers accept the water quickly from the foragers, the foraging […] Read more

What type of honey bee feeder is best?

Many types of honey bee feeders are available. None are perfect; each has its own drawbacks, and beekeepers are quite opinionated on the subject. It seems that every hobbyist I know uses a different kind, so I’ll go through them one by one. Personally, I’ve tried just about every style out there and ended up […] Read more