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Sea glass bee watering dish

A bee watering dish made from sea glass. Andrew Graham

Here’s another take on a honey bee water bar. Andrew, from North Andover, Massachusetts, filled a two-tiered plant stand with bowls of sea glass. He adds plain fresh water daily and he says his bees adore it. I love the colors. The blues and greens look icy, almost begging you, and the bees, to take a sip. Thanks, Andrew!

Rusty Burlew
Honey Bee Suite


  • Love this! I use a bird bath and fill mine with natural rocks I have found on our property. I’m not sure, but my thoughts are that the rocks give off natural minerals and salts that are beneficial to the bees. They visit it daily.

    • Thank you for the clarification, Andrew. Your wife has an artistic eye.

      In your e-mail you said “we,” but if you think I’m going guess what “we” means . . . not on your life!

  • We have done that in our Southern California garden using glass marbles in a large bowl of water. Aside from watering local bug fauna, it also makes for lovely décor.

  • We live in Miami, FL and are surrounded by mosquitoes. Would this be considered a mosquito breeding ground? Not sure if the pebbles or rocks would prevent them to use the standing water as a breeding spot. We want to avoid those for sure!

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