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The photos in this gallery were submitted by readers of Honey Bee Suite starting in July 2012.

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  • To whomever is willing to listen, I have been watching news, and personally have experienced large number of bees that are being destroyed by fire dept crew, when anyone calls them out for as a defense against a wild bee hive, in an abandoned house next door. As a carpenter framing homes, the soffit is the part of the roof that over hangs the outer walls and it is a building code to allow vents to cool the huge attics. These bees are finding global warming unbearable and leave the bee hives that are left out in the open sun light to extremely hot air and heat. In search of these cooler places…suggestion place small covering sheds over the bee hives for shade and small solar panels that operate small cooling fans to help the small creatures cool off their homes. Then they will flourish and bee happy. Do it not and watch and see all the bees disappear From us all.

    Give every fire department a heads up not to kill the bee hives anymore… Work together the bees are depending on our smarts to help them….thanks for your time.. And I hope this will reach all bee hive keepers attention…

  • We experienced some off/on cold days during this last winter that took a toll on the colonies. So I started building insulated extra deep Layen hive boxes with a four-inch overhang. With your idea of installing solar fans that should help make the hive even more comfortable for them. What cfm size would one use?

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