A list of my recently published articles.

My Recently Published Journal and Magazine Articles:

Inside: My articles have appeared in many magazines, including American Bee Journal, Bee Craft, Bee Culture, Bee World, Countryside, 2 Million Blossoms, An Beachaire, New Zealand Beekeeper, Alberta Bee News Magine, and others.

American Bee Journal

(print and online editions)

80. Baking with Honey: A Sweet but Sticky Saga (March 2024)

79. How Do You Like Your Thixotropic Honey, Shaken or Stirred? (February 2024)

78. Extracted Honey Cratered the Comb Honey Market: Can We Get It Back? (January 2024)

77. How to Control Small Hive Beetles in Your Apiary (December 2023)

76. The Effectiveness of Honey for Treating Seasonal Allergies (November 2023)

75. A Tropilaelaps Primer: What, When, and How Bad? (October 2023)

74. Waxing Eloquent on the Art and Science of Dippering (September 2023)

73. Appalachian Beekeeping the Foxfire Way (August 2023)

72. Small-Space Gardening for Bees: How to Make Pollinators Happy (July 2023)

71. Sexy Legs and Amazing Feats: They’re Not Just for Dancing (June 2023)

70. Vertically Verdant: Trees to Save the Planet, the Bees, and Ourselves (May 2023)

69. Witch Hazel: A Pollinator Feast that Breaks All the Rules (April 2023)

68. Beekeeping in the Words of an AI Chatbot (March 2023)

67. The History and Mystery of Beeswax Candles (February 2023)

66. Bees on Blue and Blue on Bees (January 2023)

65. A Christmas Card to ABJ and Those Who Make It Happen (December 2022) 

64. Bunches of Blooms for Bees (November 2022)

63. The Puzzling Pupa and Its Cryptic Cocoon (October 2022) 

62. A Slovenian-style Apiary Overlooking a Mountain Top (September 2022)

61. Are Microplastics Plaguing Our Honey Bees (August 2022)

60. Learning to Love Scientific Names (July 2022)

59. The Ecoterrorist and the Beekeeper (June 2022)

58. The Honey Bee’s Amazing Inability to Sonicate (May 2022)

57. America’s Most Wanted is a Master Carpenter (April 2022)

56. The Ladies Drink for Free (March 2022)

55. Why Did the Bear Cross the Road? Black Bears in the Beeyard (February 2022)

54. Two Pollination Myths We Love to Believe (January 2022)

53. The Spectrum of Bee Sociality (December 2021)

52. What’s Black and White and Red All Over? The Spotted Lantern Fly (November 2021)

51. Hey Bee, Stick Out Your Tongue and Say “Ahh” (October 2021)

50. It’s All About the Flowers (September 2021)

49. Waste Management Where You Least Expect It (August 2021)

48. The Vocabulary of Beekeeping: Distinct Things Need Different Words (July 2021)

47. Invasion of the Honey Plants (June 2021)

46. How Much Does It Cost to Begin Beekeeping (May 2021)

45. Beekeepers and the Dunning-Kruger Effect: Unskilled and Unaware (April 2021)

44. Create an Artificial Swarm with a Taranov Split (March 2021)

43. Terroir: Does the “Taste of a Place” Apply to Honey? (February 2021)

42. A Sugar Syrup Mix-Up (January 2021)

41. Food From Bugs: Insects that Feed Humans (December 2020)

40. Respiration and Circulation in Honey Bees (November 2020)

39. A Sinister Tale of Cemetery Honey (October 2020)

38. Thinking Like a Scientist (September 2020)

37. Lovage for Bees and Their Keepers (August 2020)

36. CRISPR for the Curious (July 2020)

35. The Vocabulary of Pollination (June 2020)

34. A Worker Bee’s Life: The First Eleven Days (May 2020)

33. Beekeeping as a Competitive Sport (April 2020)

32. How to Make Beeswax Food Wraps (March 2020)

31. Back in the Kitchen with Honeycomb (February 2020)

30. How Can You Save a Bee? (January 2020)

29. How to Identify a Honey Bee (December 2019)

28. Fun with Figworts, the Sticky Scrophularia (November 2019)

27. The Story of Incomplete Pollination (October 2019)

26. Cultivating an Obsession with Bees (September 2019)

25. The Valkyrie Long Hive (August 2019)

24. Immigrant Bees that Colonized North America (July 2019)

23. The Marval of Mandibles (June 2019)

22. The Price Trap-Out: No Bee Left Behind (May 2019)

21. Who’s That Pollination My Garden? (April 2019)

20. Stalking Bees in the Oregon High Desert (March 2019)

19. An Evolutionary Mystery: The Taste and Color of Pollen (February 2019)

18. The Pesticide in Our Own Backyard (January 2019)

17. On Diaphanous Wings, They Soar (December 2018)

16. Sow Seeds, Not War (November 2018)

15. Propolis and the Resin Connection (October 2018)

14. In Praise of the Langstroth Hive (September 2018)

13. Honey Bee Genetics: Why Breeding is So Difficult (August 2018)

12. Are Women Better Beekeepers? (July 2018)

11. How Regenerative Agriculture Can Help Save the Bees (July 2018)

10. The Detritus of Brood Rearing: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (June 2018)

9. The Future of Organic Regeneration Certification (June 2018)

8. So Much Pollen, So Little Nutrition (May 2018)

7. On the Trail of a Pollen Tramp (April 2018)

6. Detroit Hives Fight the Blight (April 2018)

5. Once Upon a Bottom Board (March 2018)

4. A Quick-Start Guide to Honey Bee Antennae (February 2018)

3. The Slippery Life of the Small Hive Beetle (January 2018)

2. Honey’s Magical Power: Four Ways to Slay Microbes (December 2017)

1. Making Comb Honey Should Be Simple and Fun (November 2017)

Two Million Blossoms

(print and online editions)

16. What’s a Master Melittologist? (Autumn 2021)

15. What’s Bugging: A Bee that Walks on Water (Autumn 2021)

14. The Nativar Dilemma: Pollinator Magic or Marketing Ploy? (Summer 2021)

13. What’s Bugging: The Western Leafcutter Bee (Summer 2021)

12. Island, Islands Everywhere: What They Mean for Bees (Spring 2021)

11. What’s Bugging: Perdita minima, The Smallest of the Small (Spring 2021)

10. Dahlias for Your Pollinator Garden (Winter 2021)

9. What’s Bugging: Sawflies—The Forgotten Hymenopterans (Winter 2021)

8. A Conversation with Dr. John S. Ascher (Autumn 2020)

7. What’s Bugging: The Curious Tale of a Toxic Trio (Autumn 2020)

6. The Art of Making Pollinator Portraits (Summer 2020) 

5. What’s Bugging: Eristalis tenax, the Common Drone Fly (Summer 2020)

4. Bees and Their Baggage: How to Carry a Load of Pollen (April 2020)

3. What’s Bugging: Painted Lady Butterfly (April 2020)

2. Ethical Beekeeping: Our Decisions Define Us (January 2020)

1. What’s Bugging: Random Acts of Pollination (January 2020)

Countryside & Small Stock Journal

(print and online editions)

How Do I Keep the Hive Ventilated in Winter? (November/December 2021)

Should My Supers be Below the Inner Cover for Winter? (November/December 2021)

Brood in Honey: What Now? (September/October 2021)

The Invasive Spotted Lanternfly (July/August 2021)

How Many Days After Requeening Should I See Eggs? (July/August 2021)

Can I Make Mason Bee Homes Out of Bamboo? (July/August 2021)

Will Wax Moths Come Into the HIve from the Screen Bottom Board? (July/August 2021)

A Short List for Long-term Beekeeping Success (May/June 2021)

Can I Feed Bees Honey from Another Hive? (May/June 2021)

Ankle-Biter Bees (May/June 2021)

Can Beehives Open Toward a Fence? (May/June 2021)

Plastic Frames with Wax Moth Damage (March/April 2021)

Is Fondant Actually Detrimental to Bees? (March/April 2021)

When Is It Too Late for an OAV Treatment? (January/February 2021)

Fifteen Easy Beekeeping Projects for Winter (November/December 2020)

What Bugs Your Bees in Winter? (November/December 2020)

Can I Feed Frames of Honey Back to My Colony? (November/December 2020)

Can I Eliminate Hive Beetles by Moving to a Sunnier Location? (Special Issue Fall/Winter 2020)

Should I Perform Bee HIve Inspections with Supers On? (Special Issue Fall/Winter 2020)

Why Did My Bees Remove The Frame Foundation? (Special Issue Fall/Winter 2020)

Chalkbrood Disease in Honey Bees (May/June 2020)

How Do I Keep Bears Away from My Beehives? (May/June 2020)

What’s Wrong with My Homemade Fondant? (March/April 2020)

How Bees Survive Winter Without Fresh Pollen (January/February 2020)

How Long Can a Colony Survive Without a Queen? (January/February 2020)

The Secret of Winter Bees vs Summer Bees (November/December 2019)

Keeping Both Mason Bees and Honey Bees (September/October 2019)

Improve Hive Ventilation in the Summer (July/August 2019)

Creating the Best Water Sources for Bees (Special Issue, Spring 2019)

Bee Culture

(print and online editions)

The Asian Predatory Hornet (November 2016)

Bee World

Bestowing a Name on the Beautiful Unknown (June 2017)

The Bee Listener


Harnessing the Power of Honey Bee Vision (October 2021)

Bee Craft

(print and online editions)

How to Lead Your Honey Bees to the Best Water (February 2024)

Doing the Splits — Techniques in the Apiary (July 2023)

Nine Ways to Spot Queenless Colonies (April 2023)

The Perils of Sugar Syrup: It’s Not That Complicated (September 2021)

Is Beekeeping a Competitive Sport? (October 2020)

Upper Entrances Enhance Honey Production (April 2020)

An Evolutionary Mystery: The Taste and Colour of Pollen (January 2020)

Viva la Différence! Why All Your Honey Bee Colonies Are Not the Same (January 2019)

Beekeeping Will Change You (March 2018)

What’s Going On in the Hive in Winter? (January 2018)

Bees and Pets: What are the Risks? (July 2017)

Should You Try to Save a Failing Colony? (April 2017)

Ten Beekeeping Crimes (October 2016)

Winter Hive Check (February 2016)

How The Honey Bee Makes Pollen Loads (August 2015)

Comb Honey Part 5: Varroa Mites (July 2014)

Comb Honey Part 4: Section Honey (June 2014)

Comb Honey Part 3 (May 2014)

Comb Honey Part 2(April 2014)

Comb Honey Part 1 (March 2014) 

How to Attract Bumbles to an Artificial Nest (April 2013)

Love that Dirty Water (March 2013)

Winter Feeding of Honey Bees (February 2013)

A Bear with Manners! (January 2013)

What Level of Honey Stores is Needed for a Warm Winter? (November 2012)

Honeydew Honey: Where Does It Come From? (September 2012)

Queenless or Clueless: Adding a Test Frame Might Save the Day (August 2012)

Papers I wrote as required coursework for my master’s degree

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About Me

I backed my love of bee science with a bachelor’s degree in Agronomic Crops and a master’s in Environmental Studies. I write extensively about bees, including a current column in American Bee Journal and past columns in Two Million Blossoms and Bee Craft. I’ve endured multiple courses in melittology and made extensive identifications of North American bees for iNaturalist and other organizations. My master beekeeper certificate issued from U Montana. I’m also an English nerd. More here.