Praise for Honey Bee Suite

Good job and keep up the good work. We like your posts here in Montana. From the Big Sky Beekeepers and the Beekeepers of the Bitterroot.

Daniel F. Mayer
WSU Extension Entomologist-Retired

I have been looking on the net forever, it seems, to find out how to receive my first bee package and take good care of them. This is an exciting hobby for me at this time in my life as a retired principal and school teacher. I am so impressed with this website and its creator that I just had to write. This site is as good as it gets. Thanks for being out there and providing information, discussion, organization, creativity, and more.

Mike Pacello
[line] Rusty, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your articles. I love the wide range of topics you cover. They’re always well written and very interesting. I share them with our bee club from time to time and some of our members have subscribed to your site. Nice work!

Charlie Blevins
President, San Francisco Beekeeping Association
[line] I teach in the English Department at University of Idaho in Moscow and just bumped into your site tonight and am truly delighted! . . . I’ve done a lot of bee research, but your site is the first time it has been so much fun. I only wish I’d found you sooner! Thank you for sharing your wonderful expertise and your great writing with the world! Thank you!

Annie Lampman
University of Idaho
[line] Hi Rusty. I just read the articles on your home page. Where did you get all that wisdom? Well done! . . . Congrats
on an excellent web page – those I’ve read anyway.

Best wishes, keep up the good work.

James C Bach
WSDA Retired State Apiarist
WSBA Secretary
WAS Treasurer
[line] Really enjoy your writing.

Morris Ostrofsky
[line] You do good work . . . I enjoy the posts.

Malcolm T. Sanford
Apis Newsletter
[line] Nice job on your site, Rusty, and clear writing!

Randy Oliver
[line] I have been receiving your articles regularly for about a year now. I am very impressed with them . . . and I like the way you use a logical scientific approach . . .

Margaret Cowley
Deputy Editor
Bee Craft Magazine
[line] Very nice site!

Zachary Huang
Associate Professor/Apiculture
Michigan State University
[line] Once again, Rusty, you’ve done an excellent job of portraying perspective. Reading this I thought, “I must share this with our bee club at our next meeting.” Then I thought, “Why haven’t I insisted that Honey Bee Suite is required reading for our bee club?” I intend to remedy this at our February meeting.

Jim Withers
President, Mid-Michigan Beekeepers
[line] Hi Rusty,
Kudos to you on this most excellent site! Love your sense of humor too. . . . Keep up the good work—your site is my morning cup of coffee.

Jane Scherer
Librarian, Tricounty Beekeepers Association
St Cloud, Minnesota
[line] I find your information to be practical and useful. . . . trusted unbiased information that is proven and works . . . You are an equitable, objective writer which is a priceless commodity . . .

Herb Lester
Herb Lester Apiaries, Tennessee


  • Nice work Rusty, this is a great site and what differentiates it from other sites is your real life examples. (and you actually provide answers/feedback) Impressive work here, thank-you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge with people trying to become competent beekeepers. That is no small task as it turns out…

  • Hi Rusty from Adelaide, South Australia. Love your site and how you put your information across to us novices (me 2 TBH). Very informative and much is relevant even in a different country. Keep it up please.

  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge through this site and giving other beeks a voice through blogs. I visit your site often as a resource in my own learning, and I share the site with other beeks as they inquire about specific topics as well. Major KUDOS!

  • I have 5ft nest down my chimney of honey bees and I need to get them out to take the chimney down please anyone help me give me a ring 07717490172

    Thanks will

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