Search Tips

Searching through the blog posts

It is sometimes hard to find what you’re looking for, so here are some tips for searching Honey Bee Suite.

At the top of most pages is the Main Menu and this may get you close . . . or not.

The Archives page on the Main Menu has all the posts listed by date order, most recent first. It’s okay for browsing, but if you are looking for something specific it can be overwhelming.

If you don’t know the words for the thing you’re looking for, try the Category list in the right-hand column of the Home page or the Tags cloud right below the category list.

Also in the right-hand column of the Home page and Blog page is the Search box. I’ve changed internal search engines a few times. This one is pretty good if you keep your search terms simple or put them in quotes. By simple, I mean search for mason instead of mason bee. If you search for mason bee, every post with the word bee (i.e. every post) will show up. However, if you search with quote marks, as in “mason bee” you will get what you want.

If you prefer, you can just type your query in your Google search box like this: “mason bee” and you will get pages and pages of links to mason bees on this site.