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Note: Since all beekeeping is local, it is helpful to me if you give your general location—something like Colorado or B.C.—just to give me an idea. Thank you.

My Question and Comment Policy

Communications from this site reach my inbox in four different ways:

          • Comments attached to posts
          • The Contact Me form, above
          • Direct e-mail
          • Replies to the subscription feed

Although I try to answer everything, as the volume of contacts has increased, more and more are slipping through the cracks. However, I always answer comments attached to posts first. They get priority because the answers are published on the site and, more often than not, other people have the same question or in some way benefit from the answer.

The other three types are all jumbled in with general website e-mail and I do lose track of them sometimes. I try to catch up occasionally, but there are thousands of you and only one of me.

The moral of the story is this: for the best shot at a fast answer, leave a comment on a post—it doesn’t matter which one. I will try to answer the Contact Me questions second, and the other two types are last—with one exception: if I have asked you to send a direct e-mail, I will look for it.

Here’s another tip: Most of the time when you have a question, I type your question into my search box (Search HBS) to find out what I’ve already written. To save time, you can do this too.