wild bees and native bees

A pair of bees

Too busy to write, I decided it’s time for a photo post. The bee on the left is your average-size bumble bee. The one on the right is a sweat bee in the genus Lasioglossum. They were sharing a flower and pretty much ignoring each other when I made the photo back on April 1. I love the way they are facing in the same direction because it enhances the size difference.

If you haven’t answered the bee plant survey yet, you can still do so. I’ve been busy typing the data into a spreadsheet, but as soon as I get that done I will close the survey. So far, we’ve got about 30 states and 7 nations represented. The results are interesting: it seems certain plants attract bees no matter where they grow. I can’t wait to plant some of those in time for spring.


Big and little bees share a flower. © Rusty Burlew.

Big and little bees share a flower. © Rusty Burlew.

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