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Airtime for bees

Last night was great for TV bees. Quite by accident I stumbled across two pieces, one right after the other. The first, on Oregon Field Guide, was about the loss of the western bumble bee and how farmers are beginning to plant for wild pollinators to take over for the ravaged honey bee. Scott Black of the Xerces Society and an Oregon blueberry farmer are interviewed.

The second piece, on Quest, originally appeared in November 2011. “New research into disappearing bees” is about CCD, mites, and bee pathogens. Randy Oliver, Joseph DeRisi, Eric Mussen, and Michelle Flenniken chime in on these complex topics.

It’s hard to keep up with all the bee news these days so, if you haven’t seen these pieces, you’ll find them below. Each is between seven and eight minutes long.

First, from Oregon Field Guide:


And, from, Quest:



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