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Cat on a Mason Bee Condo

One morning this spring I went outside ready to take photos of mason bees coming and going from the bee condo. What I found there wasn’t a bee but my cat, perched about eight feet high on the roof of the bee condo.

Although my camera was basically prepared for some macro photography, I quickly took some shots of the cat. I failed to reset the metering mode and a few other things, so the pictures turned out terrible. Unusable . . . completely washed out. Every time I saw them I decided to delete, but I never quite got around to it.

Yesterday I was playing with PhotoShop, trying to learn how to use this mystifying piece of software. For some reason I chose the cat pictures as a learning tool. What I got was pretty cool–cat art!

So here, for your delectation, I present “Cat on a Mason Bee Condo.” Oh well . . . I don’t wander off topic too often.


Cat on a Mason Bee Condo. Photo by the author.

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