Comb Honey Cards

Pre-printed cards: How to Eat Comb Honey

Thanks for your interest in my comb honey cards. I want to review pricing and my reasoning for going with the more expensive company.

I have used Moo cards for years, and yes, they are definitely more expensive. If you read reviews online, many people use Vistaprint for their regular customers and reserve Moo cards for their special customers.

The test

For this use, where you want your customers to keep the card on their fridge or in their cookbook, I think the Moo cards are perfect. Add to that all the love and effort you put into your comb honey, and I think it deserves a good card.

Yesterday I smeared honey and one card and held another under the faucet. After I cleaned and dried them, I was able to put them back in the pack and I can’t tell which they are. Then I did a tape test: I taped one to the top of a Ross Round (it fit perfectly) and left it overnight. This morning I removed the tape with no damage to the card.

I choose the rounded corners because they don’t become dog-eared in your wallet or when customers handle them. They also look better when used with jars, clamshells, or Ross Rounds.

The design

I worked a long time on designing the card. The background color is a light honey-color, and both the honey bee photo and the typeface are crisp—both look much sharper in real life than they do on your screen. I reworked the wording dozens of times so it would all fit in the limited space but still be written in standard English with complete sentences.

Bear in mind that I designed these cards for myself and not with the idea of selling them, and I wanted something classy that would reflect the quality of my comb honey. But when other folks said they loved the cards, the idea came to me that I could share them with my readers.

I looked into Vistaprint first because they advertise really low prices. But I couldn’t get exactly what I wanted and everything is extra. Double-sided printing is extra, gloss is extra, thick paper is extra, and I couldn’t get the background color I wanted and rounded corners were unavailable. Lastly, Moo cards are shorter and wider than standard US business cards, so I would have to redesign and probably change the wording.

It occurred to me that I could do a run of each, but as I’m not making money here—just asking for reimbursement—I don’t want a lot of complications.

The price

So pricing goes like this: In the quantity I’m ordering, I will pay 27 cents per card, a price which includes shipping from them to me. Shipping USPS to you in a priority mailer is $5.95. I can fit quite a few in the box, so that will be the shipping price. There is no sales tax because I’m not retailing, I’m only collecting reimbursement for my out-of-pocket expenses.

So, 50 will be $13.50 + 5.95 = $19.45

100 will be $27 + 5.95 or $32.95

200 will be $54 + 5.95 = $59.95 etc.

You can order right now and I will ship as soon as I receive the cards. Thank you for making this possible.

Currently, I’m shipping to USA addresses only.



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