comb honey

Update on honeycomb ice cream

I tried making the honeycomb ice cream. It is truly delicious but kind of weird at the same time. At first the honeycomb is brittle, then it gets kind of soft and sticky. It is definitely a textural experience.

However, if you decide to try this at home, do not pre-freeze the honeycomb. Once it was frozen it was extremely difficult to cut; it had the consistency of gooey gum drops and bunched up in a solid wad. It was much easier when I just cut room-temperature comb into half-inch cubes and stirred them into the the semi-soft ice cream.

One reader wrote that she had seen honey ice cream with sunflower seeds in it. I think some kind of seed or nut–maybe cashews–would take your attention away from the comb and make it less noticeable. A crunchy texture might be a good addition in this case.


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