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A special note to my readers . . .

Thank you for visiting Honey Bee Suite. I want to mention that, following an unusual winter storm, I just braved a week of no electricity, no running water, no flush toilets, no propane heat, no telephone, and most importantly, no Internet connection. Ouch. All of which explains (I hope) why I haven’t posted or answered e-mails and comments for the last seven days. My in-box is scary looking.

So my plan for today, between washing mounds of laundry and dishes, catching up on e-bills, and shoveling dirt from everywhere (dirt happens when you live like a caveman) is to start answering your questions.

Please bear with me while I catch up. Every single one of my readers is important to me and I will try to keep you happy.



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  • I keep thinking about your trees! They’ve kept me up at night. Severe ice storms every 15 years is not good for tree longevity. I hear the hives made it through undamaged though?

    • All the hives are fine but we lost somewhere between 200 and 300 trees, mostly alder. Yesterday, it took me an hour and a half to walk to the upper hives . . . trees are lying every which way. Very, very sad.

  • This storm was a doozie, wasn’t it? We just got power back last night. My mood has been lifted considerably by running the dishwasher and taking a hot shower. My cats may never speak to me again, though.

    It’s going to be a sparse spring. It looks like all the early buds were damaged (on the few trees that weren’t knocked down).

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