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Bumble bee defecation

I came across this on Wikimedia while I was researching something else. The photographer describes it as:

“Slowed down footage of a bee squirting a clear liquid from its anus, taken at the Auckland Botanical Gardens. Originally the event happened fast enough, 4 frames at 30 fps, that it was only viewable upon being slowed down. Since my camera scans from top to bottom, and the bee was positioned in the lower portion of the video, I believe this event actually took more like a tenth of a second instead of an approximately an eighth.”

The original by Athen Ananda is available to view on Wikimedia.[CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons].

I hope you find it . . . let’s say . . . entertaining.

Bumble bee defecating.



  • I found a bumble bee flying around my basement. My son and I tried to catch it so we could let it go outside. It squirted us with a clear liquid. The liquid landed on our hands and arm. I was very confused by this. I never heard of this before. Then I found your website. It look just like this. We washed our hands and arms. I guess the bee went to the bathroom on us.

  • Looking at a Bee that landed on the window today (bee was outside) using a magnifying glass, lots of oooos and ahhhhs and they are amazing creature comments, then what happens? It shakes, its bats its wings and dumps it’s morning load on the window and flys away! Not laughed so hard in ages.

  • Last night as we let the dog out a loud buzzing was heard on the screen door. We looked and saw a bee’s silhouette at about eye level. I leaned in and was immediately sprayed with what seemed like an aerosol of water directly into my right eye. My first thought was this was the bee’s defense and it is probably venom! So I ran upstairs to wash it out well. Meanwhile it continued to cling to the screen and we took photos. Would you like one?

  • Hi,

    Is it rare to photograph a bee releasing uric acid during flight? I have managed to capture this event & wondering what to do with the photo.

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