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Bumble bee on cherry laurel

My camera was trained on honey bees in the cherry laurel when this little bumble bee-bopped into view. I like the orange of her abdomen against the orange of the flowers. Actually, I didn’t even know the flowers had orange in them until I began shooting. Kinda cool. —Rusty

Bumble bee on cherry laurel.


    • Steve,

      Very, very interesting. I was going by the tags that were on the bushes when I purchased them. I just looked again, and they all three say waxleaf ligustrum, Ligustrum japonicum. But now I’ve looked them up on the web. Hmmm. Prunus laurocerasus is on the Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board’s “monitor list.” Maybe that’s a good reason to sell them here under the wrong name?

      Regardless, good catch. I appreciate your help. I’ve mentioned the plants a bunch of times on this site so I have a lot of changing to do. I will say this, though; they are great bee plants.

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