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Bumble bee on vinca

I don’t know one bumble bee from another, but this one was striking. The bright band of orange shone in the sun from across the yard. Although it looked too big to fly, it was doing just fine, sampling flower after flower. I took the photos two Fridays back, on April 8.

Bumble bee on Vinca minor.

Bumble bee on Vinca minor.


    • Raul,

      I’m pretty sure it is Bombus melanopygus, but the bumbles are so hard to tell apart I hesitate to name them.

      • I think you are right! I started looking into it after you said you had a hard time identifying them. I said it’s a bumble bee…. what’s to identify?! Until I googled them. Holy smokes.

    • Phyllis,

      It’s probably fine and I have not heard otherwise. In any case, bees and butterflies don’t seem very interested in it.

    • Phyllis,

      Two insects simply means they were examining it. When you see hundreds all over it, let me know.

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