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Comb honey behind the scenes: sneak peek

Some of you are impatient for the rest of the comb honey series, and you probably think I’ve dropped the ball. But here is the truth:

1. I almost deleted the segment on Hogg Half-Comb Cassettes because I couldn’t find them for sale anywhere. I thought they had disappeared from beedom when, all of a sudden, BetterBee announced they will begin to carry them at the end of February. So Hogg Cassettes are back in the mix.

2. Having taken the lead from Morris Ostrofsky on how to produce comb honey in glass jars, I have been fiddling with some refinements of my own. Yesterday, my husband and I produced our first prototype super, and I love the way it turned out. I have a few more tweaks to try—mostly concerning starter strips—and then I will be ready to publish my rendition of Morris’ very cool system.

3. Lastly Nick Nickelson, of Kent, WA,  is building a prototype variation on the Romanov section super. If you’re not familiar with Romanov, he designed a method for building wooden sections that fit into standard honey supers and use standard-sized frames for support. Nick and I thought the ideas were solid but needed some tweaking, so we are knee-deep in design and build. Better let me clarify: Nick is doing all the work; I just keep amending my wishlist and asking him to change everything he did the week before.

So you see? Progress is nigh. And all the while we are working on these comb honey upgrades, I’m doing my best to keep you entertained as well.



Preparing a jar holder for glass-jar beekeeping.


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    • Reed,

      Wow! That is so cool! I wonder how the bees feel about going crosswise to the brood frames. I wonder if they care. It is such an interesting idea. Thanks for sending the link.

  • Rusty. Amazing article, thank you for all you do.

    I was wondering is there any way I could see the box Nick Nickelson made for you. I have looked at many comb systems and would like more input. I have been leaning towards the Romanov system.

    Thank you, John

    P.S. Great site love your blog. And when someone needs help I send them to you.

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