Count down till winter

I love the colors of fall but they make me melancholy too. It sounds silly, but I know I will miss my bees during the winter and I will worry about them constantly. The colors in this shot are rich and vibrant, but they signal lean and cold days to come. Thanks, Nan, for sharing.

A last minute foraging run in Kentucky. This young forager is taking advantage of the fall asters to top-off winter supplies.

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    • Charlie,

      I’m going to put eucalyptus honey on my wish list. I’ve never tried it. Nothing happens here in January except it is colder and darker than December. Last year an ice storm in January knocked down most of my trees . . . and to think you are out there harvesting!

  • My first winter with bees, I purchased a stethoscope – very cheaply from ebay. You can just hear the hum of the cluster if you get really worried! The family thought I was crazy, of course.

    • Tricia,

      I kind of do the same thing; I just cuddle up really close and listen. I’m always relieved when I hear them purring!

  • Rusty – thank you for posting it! Melancholy is the word, and no you are not a bit silly to think of the lives under your care at a time when you can’t do anything proactive for them.

    Thanks too for pointing out that this is a young bee: now I see it, fuzzy thorax, clear sharp wings. Did you sharpen the image? What photo editing program do you use?

    Tricia, thanks for the idea – I have a stethoscope, for checking pregnant goats. Using it on the hives will be reassuring.

    Best wishes to all for your bees’ successful winter!


  • Thanks for the gorgeous photo. I’m the author of THESE BEES COUNT! (Albert Whitman/2012), a book for children about how bees count in our world.
    The stethoscope idea is wonderful–can’t wait to try that myself. “Suite” website! I’m going to subscribe now.