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Fit for a frog blog

I was photographing the crab spiders last week when, much to my surprise, this little frog settled on a leaf of the California lilac where I was working.  Although this is not a frog blog, I couldn’t resist posting a picture.

The little guy (or gal?) is a Northern Pacific tree frog, also known as a Pacific chorus frog, or Hyla regilla. It was not much longer than a honey bee, maybe 3/4-inch, and not at all intimidated by my camera lens. He/she was shades of green and purple that looked great against the bush. According to several sources, this tree frog is the most abundant amphibian in the Pacific Northwest.

So, before I get too froggy for my readers, I present his/her portrait:

Northern pacific tree frog on a California lilac leaf in my garden. Sweet.


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  • You are a great photographer, Rusty. I enjoy all your pics . . . be it bee or critter:)