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A day in the world around me: a guest post

Bluesky with red-tinged clouds.Sunset in west Georgia. David RobertsonSunset-David-Robertson

Beekeeper David Robertson shares his observations about the coming of fall.

August 17, 2015.  Nine p.m. EDT. It is dark, seasons are changing and we better be getting ready. Earlier today I went around the farm taking some pictures. Old folklore says that when the goldenrod begins to bloom it is only six more weeks until the first frost.

Goldenrod David RobertsonI really like this picture from a beekeeper’s perspective as the golden rod, which is one of the last pollen and nectar sources of the year for the honey bees in the West Georgia area, is blooming in front of alder bushes, one of the earliest resources for the bees.



The ironweed is hard to see in this picture, but I like its regal purple bloom as I think of the royalty of the queen. Love live the queen!


The ol’ thermometer on the side of the shed showed 64 degrees F this morning.



However, the day warmed nicely and the bees did not waste a moment before bringing in pollen and nectar.


My last stop of the day was by a small stream crossing where the bees make a habit of loading up on water. For a moment I envisioned myself as their size and had a Jurassic park experience.


I feel blessed, as hardly a day passes that something in Nature doesn’t grab hold of me, it shakes me and gives me that feeling of wowed amazement.

Bahia grass Dave Robertson

This last picture was taken in late June. The primary nectar flow had ended in May and the bees were making the best of what they had to work with, bahia grass. Seasons change and the bees adapt, perhaps we can learn from the little winged workers as we observe the wonderful world around us.

As always thank you for your dedication to the bees and willingness to share with so many of us who wish to learn.

David Robertson
Tallapoosa, Georgia


  • Beautiful!!!!!!! Reminds me of the stories I would read in “Outdoor Life” and The “Old Farmers Almanac”. And another year has passed us by.. Thanks David!! Thanks Rusty!!

  • David, Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures and post.

    Rusty, Thank you as well for all your posts and pictures. I learn from and enjoy each and every one.

    Valrico, Florida

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