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Hives in real snow

Since I ran a photo of southern hives in a dusting of snow, I just had to run this photo of northern hives in real snow. Beekeeper Greg Padley keeps four hives about an hour north of Montreal. The building in the background is a shed where he keeps his equipment. According to Greg, his bees are hanging in there. He writes:

We have the sides, top, and bottom covered with 2-inch styrofoam. The covers have a 3/4-inch hole in each to aid ventilation and I keep the doors at the bottoms snow free for the same reason. We have had 20 below several times so far this winter and things seem fine so far, but you never know. There are usually a couple of dead bees outside each door daily. We still have February to get through and then maybe we will start to see some more action.


Hives in snow. Photo © Greg Padley.

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