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Honey bees: be good and eat your greens!

Jeff Harris, a beekeeper in Newfoundland, took this photo of his hive entrance. It’s a little hard to see, but several of the bees are bringing in green pollen. I’ve never seen green pollen down here in Fahrenheitland, so I wanted to share it. Thanks, Jeff, for an astute observation . . .  and keep those photos coming!


Green pollen. Photo by Jeff Harris


  • I have seen a lot of green pollens but they are usually more olive or brown. That is almost lime colored pollen. I read that American Hazel trees have bright green pollen, but I have several and never see this color. You know what else is supposed to have green pollen? Cannabis. I wonder what Jeff’s neighbor’s are up to.

  • Too early yet for him but he has asked me to grow some plants. Being an engineer I politely refused. Most of the bright yellow is from colt’s foot. Still to cold for the weed, red maples only began flowering yesterday… Too bad we are experiencing a cold snap now, considering red maples are such a good source for pollen and nectar.

  • My experience with cannabis pollen is that it’s yellow. I’m in a medical marijuana state and sometimes grow my own medicine. It’s much cheaper than what the dispensaries provide but not as strong.

  • We’ve got green pollen in Florida, but I have no idea where it comes from. It is fun to watch it come in. Ooh, and there’s also purple! I need to get my camera and get out to a bee yard.

    • Adam,

      I saw my bees bring is green pollen earlier this year, and I’ve never seen it before in this area. No clue where it came from.

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