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Comb honey is delicious. This was our first year for getting honey and I had placed a few bars without the rest of the frame in our supers and got comb honey. (Imagine that!) This we packaged into the neat little clam shells and put a nifty label on it.

And when we extracted our honey, I couldn’t keep the teenagers out of the bits of comb left to drain in the uncapping tank. That was alright with me, it was a good experience for them. No doubt they will want to help.
next year.

Yes, it is very edible!

Daniel Crisp

When I was a young boy in secondary school about the age of 13 we had a special class for agricultural education, we learnt about farms, spinning wool, and most importantly about honey bees and how important they are; the best part about this class was one day our teacher brought in some of his own honey comb and I had never had anything like it before even though i use to eat honey sandwiches on occasion.

Today I received a gift from a family friend who has a hobby for keeping bees and he knew I was fascinated by the little buggers and he gave me a tub with a very generious portion of honey comb and I must say even 13 years later from my first experience it’s just as incredible, it’s a true delicacy which I can’t wait to try out on some fresh muffins and pancakes!

The best part is chewing the wax and savouring the flavour of the honey.


It’s like nature’s gushers <3

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