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The men and women of beekeeping: a survey

I have been asked by an otherwise reputable organization to evaluate the difference between the men and women of beekeeping. I would like to know things such as:

    • What makes them tick?
    • How does a person’s sex influence his or her style of beekeeping?
    • What beekeeping traits are particularly annoying to the opposite sex?
    • If you could change beekeepers of the opposite sex, what changes would you make?
    • What is the funniest or most inexplicable beekeeping trait of either sex?
    • Which sex should be the teachers and mentors?

This survey has just three questions and an empty box where you can write your opinion. You can answer some of the above questions, or go your own way. Just let me know what you think.

The survey is anonymous. However, if you want to leave your name and email address in the box, you may. Have fun with this. I can’t wait to see what you write.

Honey Bee Suite

Welcome to the Survey! The Men and Women of Beekeeping

What is your gender?

Are you, or have your ever been, a beekeeper?

Who are the better beekeepers?

Explain your answer to the previous question.

The men and women of beekeeping: how are they different? Two beekeepers examine a frame of bees.

The men and women of beekeeping: How are they different? Pixabay photo.


  • Men, in general, tend to be more dictatorial, whereas women might actually be willing to listen to your actual concerns and goals.

    But I think beekeepers are more divided by scale of their operation, or by the livestock vs pets argument, than by gender.

    (I may or may not be autism spectrum and I tend to dislike all the humans without regard to race or gender.)

  • Sorry Rusty,

    In these times “an otherwise reputable organization” could be anything from a money laundering shell company to, sorry but I can’t not say it, the White House.

    Think I’ll take a pass on the survey.

  • Seems like men who are beekeepers are more likely to have full beards, or at least some facial hair, than the rest of the male population. Anyone else notice this?

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