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Meteors zip across the August sky

This has to do with bees, how?

My family always asks that question, but this time the answer is obvious. Beekeepers love being outside and they love things that fly, so they must love meteors. Right?

I heard about the Perseid meteor shower on the weather channel last night, so I went outside about midnight. I was not disappointed. No sooner had I walked out the door than one streaked across the eastern sky. Then another and another. It was a perfect night for seeing them: no moonlight, no clouds, and billions of stars.

I didn’t stay out very long, but it didn’t take long to get the feeling that the Earth was going through some kind of weird traffic jam. The last meteor I saw was the best—it was very bright, went a very long distance, and then split into dozens of pieces before it went out—like silent fireworks.

Almost as much fun as watching bees . . .


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