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Baby blue eyes: delightful blue flowers with navy blue pollen

This small wildflower created a blue carpet on a hillside. Its nectar and blue pollen attract many species of bees.

Baby blue eyes is a stunning blue flower that’s adored by bees. In spring, it can cover wide areas, creating enchanting blue lakes of petals.

Baby blue eyes, Nemophilia menziesii, is a native California annual in the same genus as five-spot. It grows to be about ten inches tall, blooms early in the year, and can re-seed easily. In very warm areas it prefers partial shade or filtered sun, but in cooler areas, it will do fine in full sun. It prefers well-drained soils.

Baby blue eyes is one of five wildflowers selected by the USDA-ARS as excellent native bee forage for California, and it is often planted in pastures designed to attract and nourish native bees. The plant will grow in most areas of the United States and can be planted wherever you wish to attract native pollinators.

The bright blue flowers look great in hanging baskets, barrels, pots, borders, and rock gardens and will attract many different wild pollinators as well as honey bees.

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Baby blue eyes. Wikimedia photo by Jnn.

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