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Photos of Autumn Joy sedum


Here are some nice photos of Autumn Joy sedum with honey bees attached. It seems like everyone knew about this plant except me, so I’m happy to catch up. Beekeeper Marc Balboa, who made the photos, says:

My bees are crazy over them. Native bees too, although I’m not sure which. Bumble bees for sure, some very large bees with yellow backs with a large black spot in the center, and lots of smaller dark bees. . . . Regarding propagation, it could not be easier. Break off any branch, and you will because they’re somewhat brittle, stick it anywhere else, and it will thrive. I started with four. I now have nearly twenty.

I’m always looking for a bee magnet so I can get pictures of natives, so I’m looking forward to this. By the way, those big bees with yellow backs that Marc mentioned sound like carpenter bees. We’ll have to wait and see.



Honey bee on Autumn Joy. © Marc Balboa.


I love the colors in this garden. It looks more like spring than fall. © Marc Balboa.


Autumn Joy looking like honey bee heaven. © Marc Balboa.


A pair of honey bees on Autumn Joy sedum. © Marc Balboa.


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  • This picture is of a different Sedum (actually now Hylotelephium). Dark purple stems held above the foliage and lighter flower color than ‘Autumn Joy’. Maybe ‘Matrona’.

  • Hi Rusty
    I read all your posts and really enjoy posts. I normaly just lurk around but today I thought I would let you know I am here reading and watching you 🙂

      • Not really, I’m harmless.

        I find your web site very helpful. I went to my local Staar Nursery yesterday to look for some Autumn Joy Sedum but they didn’t have any.

        Do you know if it will do well in the desert, I live in beautiful Pahrump NV

  • This grows in the back yard at our new house. Now I know what it is. Thanks.