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Pollinator party

Beekeeper Andrew Hogg sent me the following photos. He says:

I got some great pics with my macro last August while a pollinator party was going on in my mother’s garden in Muskoka, about 200 km north of Toronto, Ontario. I’d never seen many of these guys before even though I spent every summer of my youth in the area. But now that I keep bees I’m always fascinated by who is visiting flowers.

That is exactly how I got hooked on the rest of the pollinators as well, just noticing them after many, many years of not seeing. Taking photos is a great way to make them “hold still” so you can take a closer look.

Nice job, Andrew, and thanks!


Fly on flower © Andrew Hogg.


Solitary wasp © Andrew Hogg.


Bumble bee © Andrew Hogg.


And a different bumble bee © Andrew Hogg.


A pair of wasp searching for nectar. © Andrew Hogg.


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