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Pollinator party

Beekeeper Andrew Hogg sent me the following photos. He says:

I got some great pics with my macro last August while a pollinator party was going on in my mother’s garden in Muskoka, about 200 km north of Toronto, Ontario. I’d never seen many of these guys before even though I spent every summer of my youth in the area. But now that I keep bees I’m always fascinated by who is visiting flowers.

That is exactly how I got hooked on the rest of the pollinators as well, just noticing them after many, many years of not seeing. Taking photos is a great way to make them “hold still” so you can take a closer look.

Nice job, Andrew, and thanks!


Fly on flower © Andrew Hogg.


Solitary wasp © Andrew Hogg.


Bumble bee © Andrew Hogg.


And a different bumble bee © Andrew Hogg.


A pair of wasp searching for nectar. © Andrew Hogg.


  • Andrew, great images! Your mother certainly has a pollinator-friendly garden. Would she be so kind as to identify the flowers? The pink one looks like Asclepias incarnata, but the others, no idea.

    Corinth, KY

  • Yes… great photos, Andrew. It’s amazing what we notice after beginning to keep bees – spring fruit blossoms, bountiful fruit on trees (especially impressive after late frosts last year killed most fruit crops), white wooden boxes in other peoples’ backyards, and all kinds of insects on the flowers.

    Oxford, MI

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