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Pollinators on clematis

Yesterday I saw these two little guys on the fall-flowering clematis just as the sun was setting. They look like a type of fly, but that’s all I know. Their wings glinted gold in the slanting sun, and they went from flower to flower, apparently happy to have found something in bloom.

A pair of pollinators


    • You know, I kept the little i.d. tag for ages, but I threw away a bunch of them several months ago. If I find it, I will let you know . . . this particular one has lots of blooms this year.

  • I have a Gravetye Beauty clematis that starts blooming in Aug. and will bloom thru fall. One year it bloomed until we had a frost in October.

  • My Clematis alpina has come on really well this year and is in full flower at the moment (29th April) – we live in a higher part of Edinburgh. I have seen the odd bee zooming around – what would be the usual pollinator for this species?

  • Thanks for replying, Rusty. Will try to – it has turned rather cold up here at the moment – better weather is predicted for the weekend.

  • Hi Rusty,

    I had to wait until the North Sea air has burnt off before I had enough light to capture the pollinating insect on my Clematis alpina. How do I get the images to you? (2 x 2 MB).

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