Honey Bee Drones

In order to see the answers at the end of the quiz, please respond to all questions.

What is a drone?

How many times can a honey bee drone mate?

In comparison to a worker bee, a normal drone has how many chromosomes?

Where do drones mate with queens?

What is a drone congregation area?

In a healthy and mature honey bee colony, how much of the brood comb is designed to raise drones?

Because drone cells are so large, they are never used for honey storage.

Drones have more body segments and antenna segments than workers.

What is a drone comet?

What is a drone layer?

What is a mating sign?

What is a diploid drone?

How many times can a drone sting?

The spermatheca is an organ in the drone where sperm cells are produced.

Compared to worker bees, how long does it take a drone to develop from egg to adult?

What is the special relationship between honey bee drones and varroa mites?

What is a drone fly?

Drone evictions occur in the spring just as virgin queens begin to emerge. Unless the workers evict the drones, they won't go out to mate.

What is drone trapping?

Honey bee queens are polyandrous, which means each queen mates with many drones.


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