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The benefits of having your honey labels printed

Editor’s Note: This post is presented by StickerYou makes every kind of sticker and label you can imagine, including stickers for your honey jars. For the record, I have no financial interest in running this article. The simple truth is I never outgrew my childhood love of stickers. My mom even had to buy a special tool to remove them from the furniture and woodwork.

Even now, right here in my desk, I have a drawer full of miscellaneous labels, and little bees are stuck all over my laptop (including one solidly covering the selfie camera). has a lot to choose from, but I especially like the clear plastic labels that let the beauty of your honey shine through.

So, you are a newbee in the industry, and you’re beginning to produce some delicious honey. When it comes to packaging your honey, you have a few options. Do you create your own labels at home, or do you have a third-party printer print your custom packaging for you? Here are some benefits of outsourcing your packaging and branding for your honey business.

Clear plastic honey labels on two jars of light amber honey.

Superior Quality and Durability

Most suppliers of print-at-home materials use lower quality materials, as they are printed using your home printer. This means that they will get ruined when coming in contact with fluids. Many third party printers use higher grade material that are waterproof and durable. This ensures your packaging will look sleek and professional for the whole shelf life, and long after!

Easily Removable Adhesive

Let’s face it, print-at-home labels are often times paper-based materials that are very sticky and messy when removed. If you’re a supplier that re-uses your jars, or has a recycling program, getting your stickers printed on a removable vinyl allows for easy removal of the stickers off your jars, and will save you a ton of time. No more soaking your jars in hot water to get all of the adhesive off!

Professional Design Advice/Help

Most third party printing companies either offer art services, or have an art team to look over your files and provide art fixes/adjustments. This is potentially a free set of eyes to look over your artwork and ensure everything will print visually pleasing and error-free.

Solid white honey labels with an artistic blue design.

Bright, Vivid Ink Options

Large-scale printing companies use wide-format digital presses and expensive die-cut machinery. This allows them to print with a four color process, and achieve bright and accurate ink colors. This will ensure your branding is consistent across products, and colors will print as they appear on screen. In terms of how vivid your logo and branding is, the options are endless!

Place Your Order Online

If you’re working with a printing company, most allow you to place your order online in just a few minutes! Not only is this a great time saver, but you will often be assigned a rep that you can keep in contact for future orders and questions/concerns.

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  • I am very appreciative for this post. I would love to hear from others as to their preferences on labels and bottling choices and prices.

    I am always looking for quality and reasonable prices. We as hobbyists are not big volume buyers, so any ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

  • Thank you Rusty,

    We still have a couple hundred pounds of honey that we have to bottle up and get to the farmers market. I am not happy with the limited styles that the bee suppliers have and here you are with the answer to my problem.
    Perfect timing. Thanks again.

  • I agree that the clear plastic labels look especially nice. They hold on tight and yet peel off nicely when no longer needed. We print them on our ink jet printer with regular ink and have had no problems with smearing.

  • I got some great labels from Blue Sky Bee Supply. I was able to use stock examples and edit them to my specifications. They have clear labels to personalize also.

    I’d like to ask about jars etc. I got plastic bears this first year as they are easy to squeeze, but I don’t like plastic in general.

    Could you or others comment on favorite glass containers and where to get them?


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