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Visitor to the top-bar hive

I was checking on my top-bar hive last weekend when I spotted this creature sitting on the roof, right in the midst of much honey bee activity. As far as I can tell, this is a type of bee fly—a fly that mimics the appearance of a bee. It stayed there long enough for me to run inside, get my camera, and click through a couple of shots. Then it was gone and I haven’t seen anything like it since. The fly was larger than a honey bee in both directions and was not at all skittish, in spite of its fly eyes.


Bee fly visiting the top-bar hive. Photo by the author.



That is a beautiful little creature. I’ve never seen one quite like that, here in Idaho. Thank you for the pic.

Raul and Amber

Neither have I! Up here in N Idaho i have not witnessed many mimics.

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