wild bees and native bees

A woolcarder bee peers inside a flower

Wool carder bee examining a lemon balm flower. © Rusty Burlew.

“What’s in there?” says she.

This is one of those photos I didn’t know I had until I was reviewing the day’s pics on the computer. I love the way the bee, a European woolcarder, stands on a leaf and seems to be opening the flower and peering inside. Of course, I think she was just doing what bees do and all this is in my imagination, but I love it anyway.


  • Love that photo, Rusty.

    I had left my phone out on the picnic table today and my son came to me saying that one of my bees was trying to make a call. By the time I got there she had gone but I suspect she was trying to call 911 to report she had been robbed.

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