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Can I extract honey from sugar syrup if they are mixed?

If you are saying you have honey and sugar syrup mixed together in your frames, there is no way to separate them. If you can see the difference—that is, if the bees have put them in different cells and you can detect a color shift—you may be able to just uncapped those that have honey and try to extract it, but that sounds like a mess and not too reliable. I think you should just save those frames to feed back to the bees.

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  • How long is that capped sugar syrup good for? I typically overwinter in 2 deeps + one dedicated super, so with a bit of fall and spring feeding, there is capped syrup in that top super (it is for them only – frames used are clearly marked). If they haven’t used up all that capped syrup when things start flowing and they are ready to store honey, can I pull off those frames and feed it to them the next winter? Seems like if it is capped its ok, but I know sugar doesn’t last the way honey does.

    • Gretchen,

      I don’t know. The sugar syrup has added enzymes from bee saliva just like honey does, and I’m sure that gives it some added shelf life. I’d say if it looks okay, it is okay.

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