Is wearing blue waterproof trousers bad for bees?

I have to admit I never really thought about it, but I suppose wearing three pairs of blue waterproof trousers would make it hard to to fly.

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  • I wear Wranglers jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt and a veil, no gloves. Sometimes the t-shirt is white, sometimes it is grey, sometimes it is mauve. Just whatever I happen to have on at the time. I just put on a veil, light my smoker, and go work my bees. They are right in my backyard. 🙂

  • Hello Rusty,

    This word play is very alive in my family. Someone will say, I’ll just put the kettle on .. to make tea… Answer…. Will it still fit you? Talking of teapots, I bought a 2nd one because my Mum and Auntie came to visit. (With their own brand of tea of course!!) the new one was round and had 3 little ball feet. I asked my brother to pass me the “little fat one with legs” meaning the new teapot. Next thing was my mother came into the kitchen saying, “Chris said you wanted me….” I looked at Chris for explanation… He said “You said you wanted the little fat one with legs…..” Perhaps it will make you smile or you will think we are total nutters in my family…

    I’m sad Rusty all my bees are dead, One hive that was fine and large going into winter and seemed much smaller but okay until 3 weeks ago. The little one from a swarm last May died earlier this year. I watched the film “More than Honey” during two days this week. I couldn’t stand watching all through in one go. It has horrific parts in it. If those bee-industrialists do this sort of thing to bees and I try to be worthy of my bees why have I lost them again….? Like I said I’m sad…..

    • Lindy,

      It’s my husband that does the plays on words. If I say, “I feel like a sandwich. He says, “You don’t look like a sandwich.” And on and on. I think I caught it from him.

      Please don’t give up on beekeeping, Lindy. Losses happen to all of us and, if we’re lucky, we learn something new each time. Honey bees . . . all bees . . . need people like you who really care. So try again. Do not become discouraged. Think how you will feel when you finally get it to work.