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Newly-painted hives eager for spring

Over the Rainbow

This is just to inspire you. When I saw this picture, I wanted to run right outside and mess with bees. These gorgeous newly-painted hives belong to Rick Cheverton in Knoxville, Tennessee. Looks like fun, right? Now I’m really eager for spring!

Brightly-colored, newly-painted hives eager for spring. Hive and photo © Rick Cheverton.

Brightly-colored, newly-painted hives eager for spring. Hives and photo © Rick Cheverton.

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  • These look like they are new boxes, so my guess is that once there are bees in them, new paint is a no-go. I guess it will only be charcoal drawings on mine!!

  • I also say “mess with bees”. I’m always explaining that I need to mess with bees today, or I messed with my bees yesterday.
    Unfortunately we are still stuck with below freezing temperatures. NO messing with bees any time soon. Whimper whimper.

  • I caught my girls bringing real yellow pollen yesterday. Messing around in not a so-distant wish any more.

  • These remind me of a brand new box of crayons ready for the new year! Brightened my day! Thanks for sharing.

  • I love the colors on these boxes but my hives are fully occupied. Looks like new hives to me. We’ve survived that most recent polar vortex here in Eastern PA and hoping to get thru the next 8 weeks!

  • I started out with a medium for the brood box. Hopefully that wasn’t a fatal mistake. I am 14 days into the new package and there is brood and larvae present. Should I add another medium now or wait. We are still a bit cool here in Canada.
    Should I just leave the one medium for now?

    • Brenda,

      There’s no harm in starting with a medium brood box. Many beekeepers only use mediums.

      As for adding another, I like to see the first box two-thirds to three-quarters full before adding a new one. The reason is to prevent them from building a “chimney” where only the middle frames in each box are drawn out and the rest remain empty.