• I don’t know if the controversy continues as much as the media finally got wind of the story. Kind of late, I’m afraid, because the council is ready to re-write the ordinance in our favor. Which is great news for the bees, the environment, and my 9 year old son whose hive is the subject of the article.

    As I’ve said since this began: Bee Progressive, Bee Happy.

    P.S. The replacement hive is doing very well since I began following your blog. It has a bee quilt, sugar cake, and will have grease cakes soon. The colony is bigger and happier than ever even though we’ve had some seriously cold weather of late. I can’t thank you enough, Rusty, for all you do for us new bees. You are a true gift to the bee keeping world.

    • I am flattered, Michelle. Thank you, and keep me posted on any new developments in “The Signal Mountain Affair” (sounds like a movie!).

  • I have recently been reading about bees and read that building a fence does direct the flight of the bees. Very interesting. I do not keep bees . . . but I do love bees. They are fascinating.

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