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She’s been framed! Funny beekeeping search terms

It’s been nearly a year since I ran a post called Searching for humor. In that post, I listed beekeeping search terms that people typed into the box that ultimately landed them on this site.

Yesterday, on a whim, I looked back through the last thirty days of beekeeping search terms and came up with the following list. I don’t know if they are as funny as last time—certainly there are no prizes as good as “pollen tramp”—but some are thought-provoking nevertheless.

My posts have been woefully serious in the last few weeks, so I thought I would lighten it up a bit before going back to recipes, winter management, and dead bees. Punctuation was added for clarity.

  • How can I frame a honey bee?
  • Is beehive inhalation good or bad?
  • My bees won’t stand down.
  • How to stop my syrup from decrystallizing?
  • Bee feelers for sale.
  • Need software for my mites.
  • I killed my honey.
  • How to make purple honey without bees?
  • My beekeeping gloves stink.
  • How do you eat a beehive?
  • Is syrup a liquid or solid?
  • Why is honey bee camping wet?
  • Can eating colored paint cause diarrhea?
  • I need a walkaway bee suit.
  • My frames rotated.
  • How should I overwinter dead bees?
  • Need a cream of tartar plant.
  • Can that wax-like thing be eaten whole?
  • Drones don’t sing.
  • Want queen shearing lessons.
  • Honey bee egg rolls.
  • What do honey bees read in winter?
  • Need Warré style sawdust.
  • Why do bees fall in love?
  • My bees are moving their hive.
  • Honey bee settee.
  • I need a demonstration of table manners.
  • My frames are having comb problems.



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