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The crocuses are popping

Last fall, after reading my post about planting spring crocuses for bees, David Robertson of western Georgia nearly bought out the local feed store. He took the corms home and, judging from the photos, made his wife and son-in-law do the work while he took pictures. Makes sense.

Now, in mid-January, the crocuses are already popping through the soil and the honey bees are ready. I thought you might enjoy the photos—a sure reminder that spring is coming. And Dave, don’t forget that next time we want to see those flowers with the bees inside.



Planting the crocuses on the sunny side of the barn. © David Robertson.


The leaves are already a few inches tall. © David Robertson.


David’s apiary. © David Robertson.


The honey bees are restless just thinking about all those crocuses. © David Robertson.



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