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The purrfect guard

Guard cat. © Craig Scott.

Guard cat. © Craig Scott.

Vivian and Craig Scott of Newark, Delaware have replaced their guard bees with a guard cat. Craig writes:

We recently moved a nuc into a medium box in an effort to give the hive a better chance of making it though the winter. The box was constantly getting robbed by our stronger hives so we fired the guard bees and hired a guard cat. Worked! We think in another month or so when the hive is stronger our cat will find another place to soak up the sun.

I’m not sure she looks all that reliable, but she is definitely cute.


  • I might try this. I have a Black Phoebe that has fed a couple of sets of phoeblings with my bees. He/she has taught the young’uns to catch bees too.
    A new cat might get the dogs in line, too….

  • How cute. Looks like our cat Funny though. I just arrived in Newark last night for a 2 week training course for work. Lol

  • Rusty,

    My cats will help with inspections too. Most often they will be sitting on a nearby hive’s outer cover, making sue I’ve done everything right. On another note, I sent you an email a few days back. Did you get it?


  • Looks like our 26-year old cat Purty Gurl. She has the key to my heart for sure, but I’m not sure she’d be a good guard for bees. LOL

  • Your website never ceases to inform and delight!

    By the way, those are great looking hives Craig and Vivian Scott have. Any idea where they came from? We’re looking to expand our humble little apiary, but quality craftsmanship is hard to find.


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