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The week in photos

Due to some irritating software issues, I’m behind in adding photos to the website. But here are a few highlights from the last couple of weeks.

First, this unusual hive belongs to Dr. Michael Ishitani. He writes, “For my Italian and Carniolan hives, with a decorative skep, cedar shingle roof and copper peak, national flag, and porcelain bee decoration. My first year…perhaps I went a little too fancy but the girls seem to be doing well!?”

Also note the upper entrances and platforms. For more photos of this hive, including a close up of the skep, see Reader Hives.


© Michael Ishitani.

Several more people have sent photos of bees on sunflowers, including this one by Bryan Bender. I love the head-to-head bees, a bumble and a honey bee. More sunflower photos can be seen in the Sunflowers gallery.


© Bryan Bender.

Phillip Cairns of Mudsongs.org generously shared his photos of shrew damage in his hives. This image and seven others can now be found in the post, “The blaming of the shrew.”


© Phillip Cairns.

Are you looking for a new tattoo? Well, here is the latest on the arm of Anthony Planakis. He writes: “It’s an addition to my honey bee waggle dance, so even if I’m not by my hives, they’ll always be with me!” The quote is based on George Bernard Shaw, “Go to the bee, thou poet: consider her ways and be wise.”


© Anthony Planakis.



  • I will definitely try out the upper entrances and platforms thing. I took detailed notes after you posted the photos of Tony Bees.

    Speaking of photos, I spelled desiccated wrong. It was my first time spelling it and I did it without a spellcheck. At least I spelled innards correctly.

  • I really like that hive.
    The bottom board/boards intrigue me, what are they?
    It appears to be a slatted rack on a IPM board but seems to be another below that. Am I seeing that correct?
    Anyhow I really like your site. It’s been a lot of help to me.

  • Thanks! You are correct
    It is a slatted rack above a varroa screen board then on a standard bottom board. I secured that to the bottom 2×4 base for stability.

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