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A beekeeper’s message from sunny Florida

Just an update from what used to be known as “The Sunshine State”… Well, for those of you thinking about your next vacation, it’s been raining here for 18 days straight. We have started building an ark in the barn, large enough for the horses, all the dogs, and our thirty hives!

I bought a jumbo-sized package of rubber washers (the kind you use in faucets) and have handed them out to all our “girls” in their hives. They each now have their own floating life preservers. They are standing by, with their floatation devices tucked under their wings, prepared for the next deluge.

I have promised to take them to a warm and sunny place, just as soon as we can float out of here. Until then we’re trying not to count the record 26 inches of rain we’ve emptied from the rain gauge in the past 2 weeks. Keep smiling, keep busy, and keep buzzing.

Erika Svor

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  • I have a wonderful image in my mind’s eye of all your precious bees lined up in their life jackets, all jostling to get the best escape position in the hive! Thank you for your bonkers posts! I love them.

  • Erika: Delightful image of all the B-Girls with their PFD’s around their waists. You have to keep a sense of humor about life, otherwise it would often be unbearable. Good luck

  • It has been a whacky year. The ‘sunshine’ state has too much rain & the ‘rain’ state, Oregon, has too much sunshine! Cheers to the perseverance of the bees & their keepers.

  • My wife is departing for Florida tomorrow. I had to show your delightful message to her to convince her to take her rain gear with her.