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Top eleven questions of the week

You know I try to answer all my e-mail questions, but sometimes I just can’t think of anything to say—they more or less leave me speechless. Here’s a list of mystifying queries from the past week. If you have a good answer, please let me know . . .

Can You Answer these Questions?
“Do they put honey on the roads in Oregon?”

“Can you smoke bee pheromone?”

“Why is my face so big? It got stung by a bee.”

“Is there a type of mold that can be mistaken for honeycomb?”

“My bees are dead. When can I start them up again?”

“Are tomatoes polluted by honey bees?”

“If honey is bee vomit, why does it smell so good?”

“Why are bees aggressive when I’m cutting down the tree they’re in?”

“Do dead bees eat mice?”

“I put a carpenter bee in my ant farm. Do you think the bee will kill my ants?”

“Can I measure my bees on a pH scale?”



  • Hello everyone reading, I’m wondering if the person wanting to know about mould might be thinking of the pollen in honeycomb. I know I have examined them really really hard to see if the white or black fillings were okay and bee-right or like that person may be thinking that it is a form of mould. Just an idea

  • 1) Yes, but only in the winter and only for icy conditions. Tires get a better grip.
    2) Only if you desire a good “buzz”
    3) Your face is big due to genetics.
    4) Maybe a cookie cutter mold.
    5) Let them cool down then push the reset button.
    6) Yes, sometimes they accidentally “poop” on them.
    7) The real question is why does it taste so good?
    8) Have someone demolish your residence and then answer the question.
    9) Yes, but only in heaven.
    10) No, the bee will only assist in the building of a better ant farm due to its carpentry skills.
    11) Don’t know. Try it, and send us the results. You may have come up with a new field of science.

  • Thanks for the best laugh of the day, including all the comments (especially, refer the questions to the 2nd and 3rd year beekeepers). Hahaha!

  • Rusty, Rusty, Rusty, Rusty…

    All I can say is you’re a better woman than I am if you didn’t come back with a wise ass comment to some of those questions. I’ve always been told there are no stupid questions – just unasked ones. That’s a LIE! I work as an Academic Advisor for a university and I thought I’d heard almost every inane question that could be asked – I haven’t – YOU HAVE! I’m going to go get a drink now and ponder over the state of our educational system… Make that at least two drinks 🙂

    • Caroline,

      Yes, well, I say the wise ass comments aloud, I just don’t write them. The one that leads me to ponder the educational system and scarf the second drink is one that comes in every single week: “Is a bee an insect or an animal?” I still can’t wrap my mind around that one. If they think insects are not animals, what do they think they are? Plants? Fungus?

  • Can I start up my bees?

    Absolutely, ensure that you add two bolts to the either side of the hive box. The bolts must be attached to each frame in the box.

    Attach a twelve volt battery to the bolts, in New Zealand these battery’s are very common in cars and smaller trucks.

    Leave the current running for several minutes until the dead bees start flying again.

    Glad you asked 🙂


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