bee forage

Late summer forager on borage

Borage is a great bee plant for the late summer forager. Not only are the flowers a bee-friendly color, but they bloom late in the summer when nothing else is showing signs of life. For this photo, I stretched out in the grass underneath a borage and aimed at the sky, blue on blue. I figured someone would show up . . . and she did.

A late summer forager on borage

Honey bee on borage © Rusty Burlew

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  • BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! Great job! I love borage too. Garlic chives are blooming for me right now. Might make some odd honey but the bee girls do love it. Hoping my borage that I re-seeded might make it before winter. 😉

  • Are you still looking for pictures of bees visiting flowers? I have some pretty good ones that I have taken of bees visiting Datura flowers as they open, including a short cell phone video of a small cloud of bees hitting them hard as the flowers open in the last half hour of daylight. I also have pictures of the bees working on some tiny ground cover flowers (my wife calls them frog toes) Let me know if you would like me to send them. Most of the still pictures are taken with a 13 mega pixel Camera, so I may need to dumb them down if they are too big of a format for you,

  • Fall favourites here (at the northeastern edges of the Okanagan Valley) are Autumn Joy sedum, hyssop and of course, sunflowers…

  • An exquisite shot. Have you ever thought of doing a calendar?

    Her wings appear worn – ? Sad, but seasonal.